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An explanation of our presentation of the
First International Conference on the Deliverance
of Jesus Christ from the Cross

Held at the
Commonwealth Institute
Kensington High Street, Kensington,
London W.8


June 2nd through 4th, 1978


We are going to present the full transcripts of the First International Conference on the Deliverance of Jesus Christ From the Cross [So far, we have input one speech from that conference, and you may see it by clicking here or by going to the home page and clicking on the link to the bottom, right of the picture of the tomb that says, The Conference. But we will do so a little at a time. We will present the speeches that were given at this conference (which gathered about 1,500 researchers from all over the globe) in a different order than appears in the actual transcripts, starting with Andreas Faber Kaiser. We do this for a reason. This conference was sponsored by the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, but attended by many non-Ahmadis: Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, etc. It's founder, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, wrote the first full length book on the subject of a post-crucifixion life of Jesus.

Due to differences between Ahmadi Muslims (i.e., members of the Ahmadiyya Movement) and other groups of Muslims, we do not wish to appear that we are, necessarily, advocating any of the particular beliefs of the Ahmadiyya Movement. This is not to be taken to mean that we take any stance, one way or the other, on the teachings of the Ahmadiyya Movement. What it means is that out of concern for our readership, we wish to give the non-Ahmadi speakers at that historic conference first appearance (at this site, that is). Our hope is that this will be seen as a good-faith gesture by our readers that demonstrates that we are *sticking* to our original commitment *not* to push any particular religion or ism or sect.

But, out of deference to the Ahmadiyya Movement, we will present below, but only in outline form, the *original order* of the speeches as reflected in the transcripts. We hope that the Ahmadiyya Movement will understand our intent, and continue to be as wonderfully cooperative as it has been since December 10, 1999, when The Tomb of Jesus Christ first entered the Internet. Below is an *outline* of the original order of speeches at that historic conference. And, again, we will not present the speeches in that order. The first speech that we hope to have available within a few days (or maybe a week) is the speech by Andreas Faber Kaiser.

Original order of speeches of the First International Conference on the Deliverance of Jesus Christ from the Cross

  1. Address of Welcome, by B.A. Rafiq, Imam of the London Mosque
  2. Opening Address, by Muhammad Zafrullah Khan, ex-President of the International Court of Justice
  3. Address of Welcome to Khalifatul Masih III, then head of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, by Muhammad Zafarullah Khan
  4. Response by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih III
  5. "Jesus--Prophet or God," by Muhammad Zafrullah Khan
  6. "The Lost Tribes," by M.M. Ahmad, former director of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  7. "He Did Not Die on The Cross," by Andreas Faber-Kaiser, scholar of comparative religion.
  8. "Tomb of Yuz-Asaph," by Dr. Fida M. Hassnain, MA, LLB, D.Arch, Doctor of Indology, former Director of Archives, Archaeology, Research and Museums for Kashmir, India
  9. "Deliverance of Jesus from the Cross--Biblical Evidence," by B.A. Rafiq, scholar of comparative religious studies, ex-Imam of the London Mosque
  10. "Deliverance of Jesus from the Cross--Quranic and Islamic Evidence," by Abdus Salam Madsen, scholar of comparative religious studies.
  11. "Some Observations on the Life of Jesus," by Reginald Charles Everard Skolfield, comparative religious studies.
  12. "Jesus Travels to India and Kashmir--The Post Crucifixion Life of Jesus," by Shaikh Abdul Qadir. scolar and author of, The Qumran Scrolls, The Holy Quran and the Orientalists.
  13. "The International Foundation for the Holy Shroud," a statement sent to the conference by Mr. Kurt Berna,
  14. "New View-points on Jesus' Activity Beyond Palestine," by Ladislav Filip, M.D.
  15. "Did Jesus Die on the Cross,?" written by Miss Anna M. Tolano and read by Svend Hansen of Denmark
  17. VOTE OF THANKS, by B.A. Rafiq
  18. Christian Churches ask for Talks with Ahmadiyya Movement
  19. The reply of Khalifatul Masih III [to the Christian Churches].

Again, I hope that the reader will understand the very delicate situation that we are in. On the one hand, the Ahmadiyya Movement has been instrumental in presenting this theory the world. But, on the other hand, we feel that we have to be fair and allow the other voices that speak on this issue to be heard first, so that we do not appear (hopefully!) as if we are advocating some religion or some particular group. We hope that *all* parties will understand. Remember: the first talk that we will present will be the talk by Andreas Faber Kaiser. Check the Update page occasionally so that you'll know when we have completed inputting Mr. Kaiser's speech. Also, check the home page, because we will install a link at the home page that says, "1978 Conference," or something along that nature.

Thank you,

Jammu Press

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