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You will now view a short film segment of the Roza Bal in Srinagar, Kashmir.
This tomb houses the remains of two people: Yuz Asaf and Syeed Nasirruddin
Yuz Asaf is believed to be Jesus Christ himself.

This film was produced by the Ahmadiyya Anjumaan Ishaat-i-Islam, otherwise known as the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement.
This is particularly significant to the staff of the Tomb of Jesus Christ Website because their gift demonstrates the cooperation that has gone into the creation of this website from both the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam and the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement, as well as Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, Jews and others. For instance, Barry Schwortz, an orthodox Jew, was the photographer who photographed the Shroud of Turin during the 1978 STURP investigations. Barry is now a good friend of the author of Saving the Savior, and supplied our author with photographs of the Shroud of Turin for his book. Anwar Khan, of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, provided our first contact with the great Dr. Fida Hassnain by establishing phone contact for us to his home in India. Dr. James Deardorff offered his extremely important suggestions with regard to our presenting this material *for the public at large,* and not as a difficult academic site that would simply frustrate the average reader. So, cooperation has come from all corners.

If occasionally you attempt to view the movie and have problems, it means that you need to go to the Apple/Quicktime page in order to download the latest version. You will see the link, "Download" at the top of their page. Click it and follow their instructions. This changes occasionally. So if you come back to this page to attempt to see the movie, but experience problems, do not assume that you can't see the movie. You probably will need to go to the page mentioned above and download. When you arrive there, make sure you choose the **correct** operating system, Windows or Mac, before downloading Quick Time.

Syeed Nassirruddin was a Muslim who became devoted to the memory, oral traditions and history of Yuz Asaf (who, it is believed, appeared in Kashmir in approximately the year 78 A.D., after a long trek from Jerusalem, after the crucifixion) and asked that, upon his death, he be buried near Yuz Asaf.
The movie first shows a sign outside the tomb. Then it shows a gentleman offering an English translation of a plaque. Set your volume high, and you will hear the gentleman, near the beginning of his explanation, say, "This is the shrine of Hazrat Yuz Asaf." (The word "Hazrat" is a title of respect). If you are not used to foreign accents, play the film several times until you can clearly hear his explanation.
Next you will see an outside view of the tomb, and the movie ends.

To see the full version of the movie (which includes shots of the inside of the tomb, including the carved footprints), you will need to purchase
a copy of the paperback book, Saving the Savior: Did Christ Survive the Crucifixion?. At the end of the Afterword of that book you will see the URL address that the longer film.

When you click below to see the movie, please be patient, as it might take some time for the movie to come up. The movie should start automatically when it appears. If it does not start automatically, then click the start button.

If you prefer to adjust the size of the movie, please exit this screen now and do the following:

1. Go to your desktop
2. Double click the Quick Time Player icon
3. Click File, and choose "Open URL"
4. Type the following URL:
5. Click OK
6. Click Movie, and choose a screen size (I suggest double size)

7. Click the Start button (it should look like a sideways triangle) and view the movie

One last piece of advice: Do not worship this tomb. It is nothing more than a building that houses the remains of dead people.

Now you may click here to see this short movie.

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