Jesus in Nisibis

(City of Mardin: About 40 kilometers slightly northwest of Nisibis)

"In the time of Jesus, there was a king in the principality of Nasibain (Nisibis) who was extremely haughty and cruel, and the Prophet [Jesus] having set himself to preach to him went to Nasibain. When he reached its neighborhood, he asked his companions: 'Who would go to the city and proclaim that Jesus, a servant of God and His Messenger, is without the city?' Amongst them one Jacob offered to do so…Jesus sent Thomas with him…Jesus said that there were his enemies within the town. They went and preached…but people abused them and said unpleasant things about Jesus and Mary…"

(Rauza-tus-Safa fi Sirat-ul-Ambia wal Muluk wal Khulafa)
Vol 1: 132-133.