A very brief progress report

Copyright 2001


This report is the progress report of the paperback version of Saving the Savior. This report will be updated periodically.

Please read what others are saying about our book. The first review, as you will see, was done by the Australian journal, Living Traditions. We are now located at Amazon.com, and you may review the customer reviews there. Also, you have several options for ordering this book.

Saving the Savior has been sold to people in the following countries and States of the United States (over half the States of the U.S.). We collect this sales information from direct orders to Jammu Press, customers from Amazon.com who posted a review there, and other means.

Country States of the United States
Australia California
Barbados Colorado
Canada Connecticut
England Florida
France Georgia
Fiji Islands Idaho
Germany Illinois
India Indiana
Israel Louisiana
Malaysia Maryland
New Zealand Massachusetts
Netherlands Minnesota
Nigeria Mississippi
Norway Missouri
Pakistan Montana
Philippines New Orleans
Singapore New Jersey
Sweden New York
Turkey North Carolina

Recall the progress, months ago, of our Countries visitors list over time at The Tomb of Jesus Christ Website. I envision that same progress for the book. I have to thank YOU for that--you who have come here, studied the material, and told others about it. Naturally, I hope that the above list expands greatly in coming months and weeks ahead.


A prestigious journal outside of the United States, Living Traditions, has featured our book at its website in the Jesus and Christian Origins link of the "In Review" page. An international student journal will be featuring a 200-page spread about the issue of Jesus in India. The editor of this student journal requested a review copy of the book, and that copy has been sent to him. The editors of a British journal are currently reading Saving the Savior, hopefully for a review that will appear in that journal. It seems that these reviews will be available some months from now.

We have installed very sophisticated systems for ordering the book.We accept all credit cards, as well as money orders. (See our order page). Thank you very much for reading this report!

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