Jesus in Srinagar

"And We made the son of Mary and his mother a Sign, and gave them refuge on an elevated land of green valleys and springs of running water."

(The Quran, Suratul Muminun, verse 51)

"I have seen in a book of Hindus that this prophet was really Hazrat Isa ['Isa' is the name used for Jesus in Hindu & Muslim scriptures], the Spirit of God, on whom be peace [and salutations] and had also assumed the name of Yuz Asaf. The real knowledge is with God. He spent his life in this [valley]. After his departure [his death] he was laid to rest in Mohalla Anzmarah. It is also said that lights of prophethood used to emanate from the tomb of this Prophet. "

(Tarikh-i-Kashmir, by Mulla Nadri, p. 69)

"Then Yuz Asaf, after roaming about in many cities, reached that country which is called Kashmir. He traveled in it far and wide and stayed there and spent his (remaining) life there, until death overtook him, and he left the earthly body and was elevated towards the Light. But before his death, he sent for a disciple of his, Ba'bad, by name, who used to serve him and was well-versed in all matters. He (Yuz Asaf) expressed his last will to him and said: 'My time for departing from this world has come. Carry on your duties properly and turn not back from truth, and say your prayers regularly.' He then directed Ba'bad to prepare a tomb over him (at the very place he died). He then stretched his legs towards the West and head towards the East and died. May God bless him."

(Ikmal-ud-Din, by Shaikh Al-Said-us-Sadiq, p. 357)