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Ancient and other documents

To see a clear and enlarged version, click onto the ancient document below that you wish to view. After clicking, be certain to scroll down to read the short summary underneath the enlarged version. The Grub-Tha-Thamas-Chad is a Tibetan translation of the ancient Chinese document, The Glass Mirror, and is the first one we've obtained.)

The Bhavishya Mahapurana

The Glass Mirror

The Tarikh-i-Kabir Kashmir

Signpost in front of tomb

High Court

Foot carving with nail marks

The Garden of Solomon


Br. Weber's Diary (translation)

Br. Weber's Diary
(actual pages)


Qisa Shazada

We hope to expand the number of ancient and other documents presented on this page that mention the sojourn of Yuzu Asaf, i.e., Jesus Christ, in Asia/India. Keep checking this page occasionally, as well as the "Update" link, to see if any new documents have been received and scanned into this site. We welcome help from scholars, or anyone, who might have access to these documents (Remember: Jesus was known by the name "Yuzu Asaf" in the East). Anyone wishing to contact us about providing us with a copy of an ancient document that mentions the sojourn of Jesus Christ in Asia/India, please click here. Thank you very much.

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