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Dr. Fida Hassnain, "A Search for the Historical Jesus"


"If you wish to know the road up the mountain, ask the man who goes back and forth on it."

We have included Dr. Hassnain on the Major Players page for two reasons. Firstly, in terms of credentials, he is now the single most credentialed person on earth who has intimate interest in and thorough knowledge of the theory concerning a post-crucifixion life of Jesus Christ. Secondly, he is the former Director of Archives, Archaeology, Research and Musems for Kashmir, and was once listed in Who's Who in Archaeology. He was totally in charge of ancient Kashmiri documents that contain mention of Jesus Christ in India. His book, A Search for the Historical Jesus, was written in 1994.

Dr. Hassnain has graciously agreed to supply The Tomb of Jesus Christ Website with some of the most precious documents on earth relating to the post-crucifixion life of Jesus Christ. We are extremely happy to have his assistance. This is very meaningful to us, because it shows that even though we certainly are not as gifted as Dr. Hassnain, nor do we have as much access to material as he does, he has been impressed enough by our work to grace us with his help. He has provided many of the documents you see on the Ancient Documents page. We started this project without a single idea that anyone of the stature of Dr. Hassnain would ever become involved. So we are grateful and humbled by his decision to help us.

Dr. Hassnain was born in Srinagar, the city that houses the tomb of Jesus, in the year 1924. He graduated from the Univeristy of Punjab, as well as the Muslim University, in the field of law. After some work in social work, he became a lecturer at SP College in Srinagar. He later became chair of History and Research at that college. In 1954 he became the Director of the Kashmir State Archives, of Archaeological Research and Museums, and retired from that position in the year 1983. He also studied under Sheikh Muzaffar Ozak Al-Jerrahi of Istanbul. He is a member of the World Congress of Faiths, London, Hazrat Inayat Khan Sufi Centre, New Delhi, and various other groups. Dr. Hassnain conducts Sufi Therapy Workshops in the Dynamic Psychiatry Hospitals in Germany.

Academic Achievements
Published Works

1946 - MA
1947 - L.L.B.
1953 - Dr. Archaeology
1974 - Dr. Indology
1979 - Master of Divinity
1983 - D. Metaphysics
1987 - Rashtra Sanskriti Samrat
1988 - Doctor of Sufism
1989 - Special Citation, Yoga Convocation
1990 - D. Litt.
1992 - Peace Award
1993 - Paracharya Award
1995 - Vishwaadhyamik Jagat Guru
1996 - Dr. of Self Realisation
1998 - Sufi Murshid
1999 - Gem of Alternative Medicines
2000 - Ph.D (A.M.) Calcutta


1973 - Buddhist Kashmir
1974 - British Policy, Kashmir
1975 - Ladakh Moonland
1978 - Gilgit
1980 - Heritage of Kashmir
1987 - Shri Amarnath Cave
1988 - History of Freedom Struggle
1988 - The Fifth Gospel (w. Dahan Levi)
1989 - Islamic Revolution in Iran
1992 - Beautiful Valley of Kashmir
1992 - Cultural History of Kistwar
1992 - Encyclopedia of India, Kashmir
1994 - Search for the Historical Jesus
1995 Bhaisajya - Guru Sutra
1995 Kashgar - Central Asia
1995 - La Otra Historia De Jesus
1996 - Jezusa
1997 - Gesu' l' Esseno
1998 - Shah Hamden of Kashmir


National Committee of Archivists, New Delhi
Indian Historical Records Commission
Indian Society of Authors
International Centre for Yoga Research
World Association of Dynamic Psychiatry, Berlin
OISCA-International, Tokyo


In The Tomb of Jesus Christ link, the reader will read some of the material offered by Dr. Hassnain from his book. We do not present all of that material at that link, so we strongly suggest that, like the other books we reference, the reader pick up a copy of Dr. Hassnain's important book.

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